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The Dogwood Master Bedroom

The Dogwood Project is a modest 1960’s ranch located in Durham, NC. A college professor and her family live part-time in this home while school is in session, and the rest of the time, they spend in their New York abode. We would describe the homeowner’s style as a collision of modern, eclectic and global. Since the beginning of the Dogwood Project, I have been operating in an official capacity to consult on new paint colors throughout the home. The client loved the color selection at the Durham project and so they emailed for our input. She wanted to freshen up the paint job in her 1960s home which we did happily. After the success of the paint color consultation, the project has evolved. Now, we are re-thinking the master...

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The Lafayette Family Room

The Lafayette Family Room is a square room, approximately 16x16, and it sits adjacent to the dining room and open kitchen. It is the main hub of the home, and as you can imagine, with a rambunctious 5 year old boy and a 10 month baby girl, it is often full of toys.  We were impressed with the base pieces that the family had chosen. There is an obvious passion for design and we liked what we had to work with. Here is where we started. Not a terrible start at all. The key areas that needed improvement included a better space plan for seating and television placement, a cohesion in the drapery from room to room, and lastly that...

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