Vintage African Indigo Mudcloth Pillow | CLASSIC 18x18
Vintage African Indigo Mudcloth Pillow | CLASSIC 18x18

Vintage African Indigo Mudcloth Pillow | CLASSIC 18x18

$ 80.00

Soft and supple, we always keep our eyes out for a great example of a worn, woven solid piece of vintage african indigo such as this one. 

These vintage textiles often feature worn spots, hand mending and other imperfections that we find endearing, indications of the rich life led as clothing and wraps, before it came to the states. We always fully line our pillows and serge the edges, to reinforce any of their vulnerabilities.

This vintage mudcloth was handwoven and expertly dyed using the resist method with indigo. Did you know that this is a centuries old practice with cultural significance? Each design is unique, featuring one of a kind patterns that often come out like dots, ladders, butterflies or a DNA helix.  

- SIZE 18x18
- Hidden Zipper enclosure along seam
- Down Insert Included
- Dry Clean Recommended
- We selected a soft organic backing that complements the vintage fabric

Mudcloth is woven and expertly dyed with fermented mud and/or organic indigo as a centuries old practice with significance in cultural identity. Whether tied and dyed in the ancient indigo vats of Nigeria, or hand painted with fermented mud in Mali - each piece is created by hand and carries a story unto itself.

These rich colors, tribal patterns and geometric motifs have become a must have here in the states, and an important export for West Africa.

Mudcloth has only become more and more desirable in America's fashion and home decor scene as we seek out one of a kind, handmade goods with a story.

Please keep in mind that variations may occur and that the eccentricities of the piece, in its hand-dyed quality are its most endearing features. We are careful to hand inspect all of the pillow covers after they have been dyed for your home.

Our pillows are produced in North Carolina and Los Angeles with care, and an eye for distinct quality and craftsmanship.

Bring a bit of the world into your own home with our collection of Global Eclectic pillows

$ 80.00
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