Pillow Insert

Pillow Insert

$ 13.00

Select an insert for your pillow cover.

Which should I choose?  10/90 DownFeather or 50/50 DownPoly?

While cost may differ slightly in between these materials, truly this choice is an aesthetic one. 

We love the 50/50 Down/Poly insert for a lively pillow, its there to take a little chop on the top for a nice plump shape, It holds that shape and stands more upright than the down counterpart. Sometimes are pillows are made from fine vintage and antique textiles that may not wear well in a pillow fight. For these textiles, we recommend a downpoly filling to help that pillow be the showpiece it should be. 

The advantages of the down counterpart though, are on the comfort spectrum. These pillows are wonderfully shapeable for max relaxation, but also can be overstuffed to create a full showpiece pillow. Have a 24" cover and 26" down pillow, that's ideal? 



Please keep in mind that variations may occur and that the eccentricities of the piece, in its hand-dyed quality are its most endearing features. We are careful to hand inspect all of the pillow covers after they have been dyed for your home.

Our pillows are produced in North Carolina and Los Angeles with care, and an eye for distinct quality and craftsmanship.

Bring a bit of the world into your own home with our collection of Global Eclectic pillows

$ 13.00
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