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Large Shield Wood Cutting Board No. 1 | WHITE OAK

$ 160.00

Holy cow, these boards are NOT messing around. The size is something to behold. 

And hey, we don't normally bake our own bread. That's very ambitious and as much as we'd like to, its just not on our daily list of to dos. If it's on yours, please invite us over to enjoy!  

Meanwhile, we don't let that stop us from recognizing our need for a bread board. 

Bread boards are currently the go to accessory for kitchens. Just take a cruise through Pinterest, Elle Decor, House Beautiful or your go to home decor resource! They are everywhere! And for good reason. 

Here at TEOT, we are big fans of the mix and in the kitchen that means a mix of texture. From the sheen of your marble tile, to your ceramic pottery to the warmth of an organic raw wood bread board.

Bread boards really warm up the white kitchens that we love so much, they add a rustic charm the the modern ones and they are simply a lovely accessory. They are super versatile and functional. 

Bring that organic quality to your kitchen countertops and shelves with this lovely vintage bread board. 


Crafted by skilled artisans in America’s heartland, our shield wood boards are individually cut and meticulously hand-finished from either repurposed North American white oak or black walnut. Ideal for serving cheese or bread, the smaller boards double nicely as unexpected surfaces for an individual meal, while the larger boards provide a striking platform for an elaborate spread.


Design: Large Shield 1
1 wood board
18.5” x 22.5”
Made of repurposed North American White Oak
Hand-crafted in the United States

$ 160.00
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