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Incense Matches

$ 3.00

As all of you hard core candle connoisseurs can attest, an expressive set of matches is a crucial indulgence! We keep a number of options handy ourselves. Matches are a great item to build a collection around.

Toss yours into the fishbowl with many other mementos, from that Brasserie you enjoyed on your trip to NYC, to the memento you received as a wedding favor a few months back.

Now, up the ante with combination incense matches! They are a small item that can make such a great impact on your quality of life! 

We love them before a relaxing bath or a quick room refresh without totally over doing it like a college dorm.

Simply strike and let it burn down beyond the flint. Blow out the flame and set it upright in a non-flammable dish. It will then burn slow and steady, releasing the fragrance into the air! 

Choose from one of our many scents! 


$ 3.00
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