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Grass Basket Planter | KAISA

$ 14.00

This lovely little grass planter will house your next plant obsession perfectly.  

The Bangladeshi artisans that craft these baskets, cut kaisa grass from the riverbanks during monsoon season. They are sure to leave the kaisa roots behind to grow more grass for for next season. Kaisa is a sturdy wild grass. Once cut and dried it gives this organic tan color and texture, having transformed from its earthy greens.

Handmade in Bangladesh for Fair Wages

- 9D x 10H inches
- Made in Bangladesh
- Made of Kaisa Grass

TEOT is proud to partner with vendors that demonstrate a 100% commitment to Fair Trade in all business activities.

When you purchase this product, you can rest assured that the maker was paid a fair wage by the standards of the developed country where it was purchased. These ideals are rooted in the pursuit of greater justice in world trade.

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$ 14.00
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