African Kuba Cloth | PAUL
African Kuba Cloth | PAUL

African Kuba Cloth | PAUL

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We love the idea of framing a pair of these textiles in a sleek acrylic frame or making a pair of durable floor cushions.

Made primarily in the Congo and central Africa, Kuba cloth is handwoven using the strands from raffia palm leaves. The raffia strands are dyed in a variety of earth tones using vegetable dyes.

There are two main types of Kuba cloth: cut pile cloths and flatwoven cloths with no pile with either embroidery or applique.

Kuba cloths display a variety of interesting features including patchwork, embroidery, applique and embellishments.

Historically, the Kuba people have used their cloths as skirts, wrappers, sleeping mats and even currency. For textile enthusiasts, Kuba cloths make wonderful wall hangings and soft furnishing. We like a framed kuba cloth in an acrylic frame on it's own or in a pair.

- Raffia, palm leaves
- Dry Clean Recommended

- 22 1/2" x 24"

Please keep in mind that variations may occur and that the eccentricities of the piece, in its hand-dyed quality are its most endearing features. 

Regular price $ 60.00 Sale price $ 45.00
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